Anamaura - The Business

Anamaura is committed to supporting practitioners who have a passion for treating survivors of abuse and are interested in learning how to access their inner wisdom. Currently, the delivery of psychotherapy is steeped in an old paradigm; fear of litigation; evidence based practice; and the objective, expert professional.  These trends often squeeze out an emphasis on working with the body, a deeper relational focus, and/or our soul led inner guidance. 

The discipline of inner listening supports a shift in consciousness that connects us to a deeper, more intuitive, soul led way of working with and conceptualizing our clients and their issues. This deeper more intuitive space supports interventions on multiple dimensions – mind, body, energy, and spirit – and can blend seamlessly with intentional, theory driven practice.  It does however; require us to think differently about the basic paradigm that shapes the delivery of psychotherapy and our role within that paradigm.

While shamanic practitioners are often well versed in the discipline of inner listening, they often feel less informed about essential psychological aspects of working with clients.  This leaves us vulnerable to disturbances or mistakes inherent with common psychological dynamics (e.g. transference, counter-transference, projection) that also manifest on the energy dimension.  It is particularly important to have some background in psychological dynamics of abuse when working as a shamanic practitioner, with survivors of abuse.  This is because survivors become fragmented on both the psychological and soul level thus being able to sort these differences is essential.

As a licensed psychologist and initiated shamanic practitioner, I can support both psychotherapists and shamanic practitioners in learning more about and working more effectively with survivors of abuse across multiple dimensions.  I offer presentations, professional development, consultation, blog posts, and articles/books for purchase aimed at both psychotherapist and shamanic/energy healers.