Anamaura - The Name

The word Anamaura is a compilation of two words – anam and aura.  Anam is the Gaelic word for soul.  Aura is the name for the energy field that encircles all living beings.  It extends beyond our physical body and is perceptible, to many, through the use of extrasensory perception.  A common cultural understanding of the aura is seen in the spiritual concept of a halo. Anamaura literally means the energy that extends from one’s soul or one’s soul medicine.

In many Native American traditions the word medicine means something entirely different than what it has come to mean in our Western culture. In Native cultures medicine often refers to the unique presence or power that a person, place, event, or object holds and can embody. Thus the “medicine of our soul” is the unique gift, the soul energy that you bring into the world.